Friday, January 18, 2008

Better Than

E and Z are so sisterly. E will announce I like Tasha better and Z will reply I like Uniqua better.

Z has started asking questions the last few days. She wants to know what everyone is doing.

You know how the youngest in the family is suppose to be immature and never really grow up etc etc. Well I don't understand why. As a baby Z was left to cry and to calm herself much more than E just because sometimes I had to do things with E. And Z is learning so many things earlier than E like potty training and asking questions. hmmm? any ideas?


Two Mittens said...

they are so cute! we're so excited to see you!

I think the 'baby' or any kids after the first learn a lot of things quicker. Partly because they have an example and partly because we have more experience and partly survival.

I expect baby E to be quicker too.

Z is way ahead of my boys in many things!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Funny aren't they?
Just convince her to sit on your knee for a cuddle now and then...this of course is a challenge when she hits the teen years.:)