Sunday, January 13, 2008


We all had finished breakfast and we were all dressed - but it still took us how long to get to the car:
a) 10 minutes
b) 40 minutes
c) to infinity and beyond...

Needless to say we were late for church and we were the only kids for sunday school so Sally had to come out of church to go to the basement and there was no way Z was going by herself (her clingy stage has been raised to the power of ten by her recent sickness) so we all trooped off together.

Our lovely babysitter and her younger sister dropped off some hand=me=downs which the girls LOVE. The huge pink unicorn had them giggling in delight and the leap frog and Learning Laptop have them proudly copying their parents. Z in particular drew the laptop out of the bag and decided that it was HERS. And she didn't want to share it. AT ALL. She liked better without batteries when there were no distractions from pushing the keys with her toes and her fists nad her whole body.


Two Mittens said...

Our church now starts at 8:30am. Yeah, I may never be there on time. Even if I only take the baby.

Sometimes hand-me-downs are the BEST fun. Totally free, pre-loved stuff.

To infinity and beyond!!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

It amazes me how I am almost always late now....regardless of good planning and intentions.
We are all about consignment and hand me down's awesome. W recently received a racoon and cow costume. He wears the racoon and tries to chase the tail. Really!
Sharing...does this ever come? We are now into the "That's W's!" or "That's R's!"...snatch, take it away. Not a lot of generosity here.