Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm tired tonight, I bit off a bit more than I can chew (ha ha) with my cooking projects today. Made up a big batch of chili for Tony's lunches and cooked up some squash and spinach and blueberries to make puree for my Deliciously Deceitful forays. The scrambled eggs turned out YUCKY today even with extra cheese and ketchup.... though E did have a couple of bites. I'm making the Blueberry cheesecake muffins right now which are really a lot more time consuming to set up than I had wanted. And still warm they definitely look and taste way way too much like spinach.

I've been enjoying my newest trash author Laurell Hamilton. First I read the Fairie Princess books which had lots of sex sex sex and since I had told E that they were about a Fairie Princess she always wanting me to read them to her!!! Now I'm on the vampire hunter series. There was an interesting afterword written ten years after the fourth book was written. Laurell had just had a baby and her publisher was worried that she was going to go all soft and lovey and Anita the vampire hunter would stop kicking butt. Well Laurell says she took her sleep deprivation crankiness, the guilt of going back to work with her baby only 3 months old, the fear that she was doing everything wrong with the baby and channelled into quite a ferocious book. I like that idea that the new mother isn't a softee no the new mother is a force to fear! Anita in fact kills her first enemy in cold blood in this book. One thing I like about Laurell's books is that her heroines are all short and feisty about it!


Two Mittens said...

hmmmm...maybe I should check out the Fairie Princess books for my book club. Ha!! Get that club something to reeeallly talk about.

I like the idea of a feisty heroine. Maybe I could channel cranky into feist.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Looking forward to pureing but the blender started on fire last week, so now delicious for us!
A neighbor friend dropped off a trashy novel for me the other week and I've yet to dive in. I think a nice long bath and a trashy novel are just what this January needs.