Sunday, April 06, 2008


I had entered some contests a while ago and then I found out that I had won and after receiving the prize last weekend I've been really into entering again so much so that I'm totally obsessing about it this weekend. Well I suppose no worse than trashy vampire novels.

So check out the names of the cosmetics that I won.
Smashbox Green Room Hybrid 2 in 1 luminizing primer, photo finish foundation primer & artifical light
Smashbox Green Room Hybrid 2 in 1 Color & Shine lip gloss with Moringa seed extract
plus bronzer and eye shadow!

Totally FUN!!!! And stuff that I would never have bought for myself.


Two Mittens said...

New makeup can be so much fun. And free stuff, ALWAYS FUN!
That's awesome.

I get gung-ho on entering online contests/giveaways but I get discouraged easily when I don't win. I think that's why I'm not a gambler!

Good luck with more wins.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So cool!