Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm getting into the whole organic heirloom grow it yourself thing. Been reading this and tonight I was researching having chickens in the backyard. There are some cool coops like the eglu
Did I also mention that I've been looking into raising bees in the backyard???
My first sprouts attempt went mouldy but unlike chickens I didn't feel bad chucking them into the compost heap!


Mmmmaaahvelous said... are so much more motivated than me! We need a chicken or two based on the pure volume of eggs we consume, but I HATE chickens! Grew up with those little cluckers & now have an aversion to them.
Bees...very cool. They're amazing to watch too, very routine oriented.Then you could have fancy beautiful flowers to accomodate the bees.
I would just like some lettuce in my backyard...and radishes and cucumers...a salad!

Two Mittens said...

I'm trying to grow a few things too. I have a little herb pot.
Chickens would be so funny. But none for me thanks. They're crazy!
Bees...maybe...they seem cool in the movie =)

Going to try the sprouts again? I haven't had time to give it any attention yet. Mine would have also gone moldy I'm sure.