Wednesday, July 02, 2008

thinking things

I followed this link from MMMMaaarvvveellllouuuuussss to find the most adorable apron but the BEST butterfly!!!!

I love it! I found some organic cotton on clearance at Walmart in Grande Prairie that I'm itchin to make into something for the new babe. Only 10 more days before we'll know about the chromosomes.

I'm thinking of trying to make my own sunscreen. It basically has the same ingredients as this one

This store looks very cool...


Two Mittens said...

Love the butterfly!

Seems like you can make anything at home...well almost anything. The Angry Chicken is making deodorant.

Excitedly awaiting the results...!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Very cool! Glad you like the site too.
The butterfly is wonderful. Can't wait to see a post of the final result. As well as the sunscreen results. Who knew it would be so easy? Where did you find the zinc oxide?
All very cool.