Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making Yogurt

For breakfast today I had granola I had made while the girls were away, stewed rhubarb from my cousin's garden, and yogurt that I made following these directions. Yummy! I also had walnuts and canteloupe which I make no claim over.

I'm almost done Z;s baby book. And I finished Tony's father's day present yesterday gluing the picutres into the fancy mini album I made at Sara's house one night...she gives classes on the card making scrapbooking stuff.

Tony went in on monday to resign and ended up agreeing to work part time on the IT and to do some IT consulting for the other time while he waits to get a job offer from Calgary. He has a recruiter working with him sending him Business analyst jobs.

I'm also working on wings for Z. Thanks Mrs. Mittens for the gorgeous balerina skirts!

As you can see I have some energy these days for other than the basics - although this week this energy has been mostly confined to the mornings.


Two Mittens said...

It sounds like you're doing some fun things. Aaaahhhh summer!
Hope you get some news in the job dept.
Any results yet??
Enjoy your energy =)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Whoa! Look at you!! This all sounds super! I can't wait to try out your yogurt. Do you think my boys could wear wings & tutus? I'm jealous.