Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy Days

Just the babe and the dog and me with nothing to do but whatever we want! I went shopping today at the new Walmart; it's been open less than a week but it has already grown old and to think I was once so excited about it. You can tell I was shopping for myself - my pregnant self - as I bought so many different things to drink. Indulge me my list:
Oasis 1L apple juice
4L 1% milk
1 frozen Minute Maid orange concentrate with calcium
Oasis 2L health break with probiotics
Sunripe 1L strawberry kiwi juice
Sunripe 1L FruitPlus berry juice
Sunrype 1.36L FruitPlus Veggies blueberry juice

Trust me the only reason this list isn't longer is my determination to avoid the sugar/glucose-fructose. I really wanted lemonade but it was all full of corn syrup and I forgot to go back and buy real lemons.

The day Z was born I went grocery shopping by myself and went crazy on the drinks too. It's such a funny memory watching Tony unload the groceries pulling carton after carton of juice out of the bags.

So what do you think about these probiotics? At first I scoffed. But then I've been reading Dr. Greene and his latest book on environmental baby stuff (Raising Baby Green which is just so weird with his name) and he was convincing me of organic
choices and the importance of specifically what you eat when pregnant (not just eat a variety of good food) and I find myself paying an extra dollar for yogurt with probiotics.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

We love, love love Activia Yogurt, especially the vanilla. My husband says it's like crack cocaine for him!
I really don't know if the yogurt has enough to be beneficial with just a regular serving, but we enjoy it. And probiotics are fabulous for boosting immunity among other things so I take a supplement as does W. Thanks to the naturopath.
That book sounds really interesting. I'll have to check it out.
Glad you're enjoying some down time with just you.
The image of all the bevies cracks me up....been there! Including a costco size thing of purple gatorade, alot of cranberry juice and whatever else I could find. Oh the days of pregnancy and early nursing!:)

Two Mittens said...

I just went to a little class on eating raw foods...mostly sprouted grains and such. I think it's quite interesting and will give it a try. The good thing (and the bad thing) is that there are so many choices!