Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Test

Should I be studying? or should I be sleeping? This last week I got into a really good rythmn of going to bed around 9pm and then what do I do the first day I don't feel tired at all (friday) I blow it all by staying up late reading and of course that would be the night that Z also has problems sleeping and so now I'm back to feeling exhausted again even though I had a long nap this afternoon. doh!

Tomorrow I'm going to Grande Prairie for my amnio and if I can take it a little shopping. I'm in horrorful need of a new bra. These udders of mine are getting pretty full already. And a little Costco never hurt anyone. Except maybe someone with siatica....hmmmmm

so I've mostly tired of my vampires and have gone searing for new stuff to read. Did anyone read the Diana Gabaldon marathon? I really like the first few books but after a while (maybe 5000-6000 pages) it just got dull. Pretty much as soon as they left Scotland actually. Well she has a spin-off series about Lord John a gay Enlish guy with a nack of finding out things he really would be better off knowing. Like in the first book he's taking a piss and notices that his cousin's fiancee has the clap. It's all set during the 7 year war so there is plenty of military stuff too. Anyway I'm enjoying it.


Two Mittens said...

I hope your day went well. Can't wait to hear your results, all good things! (pink or blue)

I have just started reading Love In The Time of Cholera. We'll see how it goes.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol...your description of Lord John cracked me up. I really enjoyed the Drums of Autumn series...especially while laying on a beach in Cuba!
At the moment I'm reading Toddlers Gone Wild by Rebecca Eckler, which I have a hard time with her because she was one who was full on in the media about choosing to have a Csection for convenience. A soap box I should not stand on or I'll never get off. Anyway, the book is kinda funny but the author bugs me.
Good luck with your test. I feel for you. It's got to be hard and the waiting for results is the worst. Wouldn't it be great if results were within minutes? Good thoughts & good health to that wee babe of yours.