Friday, August 15, 2008


You my friend will be my very best friend as I Lady DIRTY Shirt survive the next 15 days of heat, cranky kids, and crap keyboard without my darling husband and sweet laptop. Yes TONY took the plunge and quit APL he's flying to Atlanta today to re certify himself in all things computer; then he will come back for a 5-6day visit and then back to Calgary to look for/do contract work until the right job comes along. Another recruiter contacted him about a bunch of people that Alcan is looking for and we suspect that as summer comes to an end the job market will get rolling again.

I am (trying not to) panic about getting the house into a reasonable state to sell, packing up all the personal stuff in order to get it into a reasonable state, cleaning behind the fridge in order to get it into a reasonable state etc.

Nancy reminded me yesterday that the kids I'll be looking after won't just be missing DAD but will also be reacting to the stress of moving, new school, baby....E was really testing me last night about going to bed - my least favorite part of the day as I have no patience at all left by then - which Tony usually handles. I think it was a close race as to was asleep first her or me. Z has been so cranky this morning.

AND the next three days are predicted to be in the 30's. 34 today. DID I mention that pregnant me not so good in the heat? AND now heartburn. Throw in some feeling sorry for myself and you've got a good idea about how much bitchin and bellyaching you're all going to be in for.
While we live on Popsicles.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh I wish I was there to help!
Do you have a sitter than can take the girls often? Vacation Bible School? Stay & Play? Anything?
Let the popsicles rein...and freezies, and slurpees, and cool showers, everyone sleeping together if need be....and this is survival mode, do whatever it takes!
Thinking of you, sending you more momma super-powers!