Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Villian

At the playground today I was playing generic super villain to the girls super heroes when E asked me what kind of super villain I was. Well with artistic license to "Robin Hood the Clean" and Austin Stinkypants I became Lady Dirty Shirt.


1. No taking off your shoes.
2. No cleaning your room.
3. No changing your clothes.
4. No washing your face.
5. No eating with your fork and spoon.

It was quite fun to hear them protest the RULES!


Mmmmaaahvelous said... rock Lady Dirty Shirt!
I LOVE it!

Two Mittens said...

Hurray for Lady Dirty Shirt!
hmmm...perhaps you are on to something here...a handy tactic...

and Happy 40th Birthday Eve =)
I am hoping you have a superherofantastic day