Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ongoing Projects

Baby girl is 23 weeks and I'm getting so BIG. I caught sight of myself in a neighbors mirror today and was a bit shocked that I stuck out so much. Looking from the top down there hasn't been so much change and our mirrors here just don't give that full-body look. She's been kicking more and more... well actually I've been feeling her kick more and more.

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately. While I'm at the playground watching the girls bury their toy horses so they can sleep and then wake them up to spin them around on the merry-go-round; compositions run through my head. I've noticed lately that there crazier I act the more the kids like it or should I say the more illogical I act the more they like it. I was sitting on the bottom of the slide and then when they would run into me I'd say stuff like: "Is the slide broken ?" "Why can't you get off?" Or when I pretend I can't find them.."

I usually put Z for a nap and E for quiet time and then go lay down for an hour but today Z didn't stay in her room but ended up playing with E however they were pretty good and didn't disturb me for 50 minutes but they had the most Hollywood attitude "Get me a freezie NOW!" Even Z had the loudest most imperial voice! I wonder exactly what they were up to while I was resting....hmmmm.

I made a second batch of mozzarella which turned out quite well and I'm going to try to make some cream cheese tonight. Not so much motivation to make supper but plenty interested in making the dairy products! Z is so with me on this one and even E will take a bite or two out of a piece of cheese.

I picked a huge bunch of raspberries off the stalks sticking out from my neighbors fence. YUMMY. Hmm raspberry ice cream would be yummy.

And only 5 more days till the BIG 40....AGH...WHICH JUST FEELS SO SURREAL.


Two Mittens said...

I think kids generally prefer silly. They must wonder what's with all the rules and general seriousness of the boring adults.
We had raspberry bushes in our old backyard. It was cool.

Holy smackers on the birthday Girl. How is it feeling? Other than surreal??

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

You're over half way there! Yay!! 23 weeks already. Hope the last half is full of rest & happy thoughts of your new babe.
Remember ...40 is the new 30. Happy Birthday!