Wednesday, October 28, 2009


my latest project is making me feel very menno. I decided last winter that I needed ski pants.. the kids have them and I'm outside with them andmy legs get cold and sometimes wet so I looked but couldn't find anything I liked. So with all the felting and bits of leftover sweaters lying around... I took a pair of maternity overalls and split open the leg. Now I'm piecing together pieces of sweater felt and sewing them on the inside of the leg. Having a bit of a hard time getting it all to lay flat. After I line it I'm going to cover the wool with something soft to stop it being itchy and I may cover the outside with some water resistant fabric or maybe just on the bum and knees. So it's fun but feels somewhat foolish too. I did add some ruffles to a top in homage to her.


Audrey said...

what's feeling menno? I'm a mennonite (not the kind that wears dresses and stuff on their heads) - have "real" ski pants. Just wondering.

Audrey said...

Oh - the reason I came!
Thanks so much for adding my give away button to your sidebar!!

Two Mittens said...

ah, just go with your creative impulses...!!

love the pretty ruffles...I should give that a go too
wish t-shirts were more flattering on me ;p

Mrs. M said...

Great idea! I think it's brilliant. Can't wait to see the outcome.